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Clearspan Structures & Large Tents

Tents Rental

Tents FAQWhen you need extra space or equipment for your site, Creedon and Co., Inc. is ready to help. Whether you are building a wedding site from the ground up, want a tent for your event, or need thousands of chairs for a graduation, our professional event coordinators and tent and equipment installation crews work together seamlessly to ensure success!


Creedon and Co., Inc. has one of the most comprehensive tent inventories in the country. Starting as small as 9′ x 10′ walkway marquees, to mid-sized frame or pole tents, to our enormous Clearspan structure tent that can cover almost three football fields, we pride ourselves on having the right tent for your needs. Not sure what size tent you need? We are happy to help. Call us today.

  • 20′ x 30′ up to 20′ x 40′
  • 30′ x 30′ up to 30′ x 90′
  • 40′ x 40′ up to 40′ x 180′
  • 50′ x 50′ up to 50′ x 80′
  • 60′ x 60′ up to 60′ x 240′
  • 80′ x 60′ up to 80′ x 370′
  • 100′ x 100′ up to 100′ x 300′
  • 120′ x 100′ up to 120′ x 580′

No Inside Poles

  • 10′ x 10′ up to 10′ x 20′
  • 16′ x 16′ up to 16′ x 40′
  • 20′ x 20′ up to 20′ x 150′
  • 30′ x 30′ up to 30′ x 130′
  • 40′ x 40′ up to 40′ x 300′

9′ wide x 10′ long through 9′ wide x 160′ long (in 10-foot increments)

No Inside Poles

40-Meter: 132′ wide x 132′ up to 132′ wide x 886′

** Almost 3 Football Fields **

20-Meter: 66′ wide x 66′ up to 66′ wide x 132′ and any size in between


Tent Accessories

When you choose a tent for your event, there are many ways to customize the space to suit your needs. From sidewalls and lighting to flooring and HVAC, Creedon and Co., Inc. has a broad inventory of accessories for your tent including:

  • Sidewalls (solid or cathedral window)
  • Glass entry doors
  • Gutters
  • Flooring (SurLoc or sub-floor with astroturf)
  • Heaters, fans and cool air misters
  • Lighting from basic to elegant
  • Tent liners

CAD Layout Examples

One of the best planning tools we have when installing tents is the ability to construct CAD drawings of the tent with all the equipment that will be going under it. A CAD drawing to-scale lets you see how tables, chairs, stage, etc. can be placed and ensures that the tent will be the right size for your needs.

Long-Term Rentals

All of our tents (and equipment too) are available for long-term rentals. Whether space is needed at a construction site or at your business for seasonal storage, rentals for a period of several weeks to several months can be arranged. Call us for pricing and availability.

Tent Washing, Repair & Storage

In addition to maintaining our own extensive inventory of tents, the crew at Creedon and Co., Inc. also washes, dries and repairs tents owned by other rental companies, venues and private organizations. Our custom-designed wash area, complete with our enormous automatic washing machine and crane-operated drying system allows us to properly clean and prepare your tent fabric for storage. We are also able to perform minor repairs, refer you to a company for extensive fixes, or research and quote the cost to replace your tent in the event it cannot be fixed.