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Clearspan Structures & Large Tents

Tents FAQ

 What styles/sizes of tents does Creedon and Co., Inc. offer?

We have one of the most comprehensive tent inventories in the country including tents from some of the top manufacturers in the world. From 9’x10′ marquee walkway tents and frame tents up to 40′ wide, to large Century pole tents that span up to 120′ in width and a 40-meter structure that, when complete, covers almost 3 football fields. Our versatile frame tents can be used at sites where staking cannot occur (they are weighted with cement barrels) or where obstruction-free interior views are needed, while elegant Century pole tents provide sweeping peaks for weddings, commencements and formal events.

How do I know what style/size tent I need for my event?

Based on the type of event, number of guests, items going under the tent, and your site requirements, our event coordinators can recommend the right style (frame or pole) and size tent for your event. Please call to discuss with us.

Would you visit my site to ensure the tent will fit?

If you have questions about the location where your tent will be going, we are happy to arrange for an on-site visit. A Creedon and Co., Inc. staffer will measure the area, address any terrain concerns, and make recommendations on the right fit. In some cases, a to-scale CAD drawing will be put together showing the location of the tent and layout of any equipment (tables, dance floor, etc.).

To what geographic area does Creedon and Co., Inc. provide tent service?

Creedon and Co., Inc.’s crews regularly travel around Massachusetts, throughout New England and around the United States to install tents of all sizes.

Is set up included in the cost of the tent rental?

Typically our tent delivery/installation charge is $49-$69 and includes removal of the tent after your event.

When would tent installation occur?

Typically a tent is set up 1-2 days in advance of your event and is removed the day after, depending on the date. In busy seasons (May – June and September – October) we ask for flexibility in set up and removal timing.

Can I rent a tent and set it up myself?

Unfortunately our liability policy restricts us from allowing customers to rent tents and install them on their own.

Can you install tents on pavement, decks and other tricky locations?

In most situations, our experienced and knowledgeable crew IS able to install a tent on your deck, driveway or parking lot, over shrubs and landscaping and in other locations you may not think would work. We can stake into pavement (and we will even patch the holes after!) or use cement barrels on surfaces like granite or slate. Our event coordinators can also work with you to figure out the best recommendation, and a site visit is typically encouraged.

Is a tent permit required?

Our team is experienced in the permitting process and can identify if a tent permit is needed. Under new state regulations, tents 20′ x 20′ or under (or 20′ x 30′ or under in some circumstances) do not need permits. If a permit is required, the entire process is handled by Creedon and Co., Inc.

Can you help me with a last-minute need if the weather forecast changes?

Depending on the time of year, tents may be available in the case of a change in the weather. Never hesitate to call us to inquire about your needs, no matter how last-minute they may be.

Do you provide lighting, tables, chairs, linen and other rental items?

Absolutely! Creedon and Co., Inc. is a full-service event provider. Our inventory includes many lighting options, tables in a variety of sizes and shapes, chairs from basic folding to gold Chiavari ballroom, linen, tableware (china, glassware, and flatware), dance floors, stages, portable HVAC and more.

When is final payment expected?

For tent rentals, the total balance due is payable upon delivery. Weddings (including tents, catering and equipment) must be paid in full 7 days prior to the event date. Corporate clients may be billed with net 15 day terms.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, corporate and personal checks, money orders and cash.